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Thursday, April 27, 2006

Semester Update

Some of you may have been wondering where I've been lately. OK, so it's just my mother who's wondering. I'll give an update anyway.

This semester I caught a serious case of senioritis. I wanted to be done without having to actually do the finishing! Well I managed to fight it off long enough to complete assignments and drag my butt to school on days with bad weather. You (read my mother) will be happy to know that I'm 99.9% done! I have one more essay question to answer on my take home final and that's it.

I'm particularly proud of my performance in my Strategic Management class. We did a business simulation where we got in groups and ran a company. We made decisions such as pricing of our products (athletic footwear), celebrity endorsements, advertising budgets, capital structure and the like. I had a blast with this. It was so fun to run a company! Plus we were competing with the other groups in the class. There were seven groups total and we finished fourth. Not great (I really wanted to win) but not bad either! We ran the company for 8 quarters. When the simulation was completed we had to write an annual report for our shareholders and hold a shareholder meeting where we talked about our performance. Well I managed to put together a ROCKIN' annual report for our group using Microsoft Publisher. Our group also decided to go above and beyond and create a fake website for our fake company. NO other group went this far. I have to say we ROCKED!! You (again, my mom) can check out the 'fake' website for our 'fake' shoe company here.

Today is my last class and graduation is May 6. My goal for this blog is to write much more frequently once I've graduated. So don't worry Mom you'll have tons to read!


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