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Monday, March 20, 2006

Elsevier Polling Special Librarians

My supervisor was asked to poll Pharmaceutical librarians to find out answers to the following questions. Her presentation to Elsevier is on Wednesday. If you would like to offer your answers to the following questions I'll try to get them to her before Wednesday.

1. What keeps you awake at night as a publishing or refereeing scientist?
2. How will your requirements change over time?
3. What is your wildest dream for a product/service that could make you much more effective or efficient?
4. Do you currently, or in the near future, have needs that are likely to be unmet?
5. Name any other supplier/company who could serve, in any way, as an example for Elsevier?
6. What does Elsevier do best?
7. How can Elsevier work more effectively with you?


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