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Thursday, November 17, 2005

Google adds Creative Commons support

From the Google Blog: URL: Launch: Google adds Creative Commons support.
What this means: from the advanced search page you can add a filter that will only return results that are either: 1)Free to use or share, 2)Free to use or share, even commercially, 3)Free to use share or modify, or 4)Free to use share or modify, even commercially.

This feature is nice for those that pay attention to things like getting permission to use something but I doubt it will reach those that don't pay attention. They don't care anyway.

Tuesday, November 08, 2005

Summary of KM Chicago November Meeting

I attended, through the web, the November KM Chicago meeting today. The subject was Communities of Practice and the presenters were North Suburban Library System (NSLS) employees.

This was a very informative meeting. Christina Stoll and Debbie Baaske did a great job illustrating the KM initiatives at NSLS and their success with Communities of Practice (CoP). The KM group at NSLS really did a great job of researching how to incorporate KM into their organization and then share with it's member libraries.

With NSLS's great efforts, a neat (meaning uncluttered not cool) completely usable interface was developed and after adding enhancements such as options to attach documents to a message and the incorporation of smiley faces, their CoP are utilized quite frequently.

NSLS offered several tips on the creation and maintenance of CoP: develop guidelines on creation and dismantling of CoP, market internally and externally, have a team that can develop a mission, vision, recruitment, and organization.

I must admit that I have a better understanding of the value of CoP after attending the meeting.

NSLS has made great strides with their KM initiative. I suspect they will continue this growth.