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Friday, October 14, 2005

Why blogging is so difficult

I've been fretting over this blogging thing and I've finally identified the source of my discomfort: low self-esteem/insecurities. If you're uncomfortable with yourself, your ideas, your viewpoints how can you POSSIBLY be confident enough to put it all out there for anyone to read?

Blogging requires a level of confidence in oneself that I struggle with. In my view, bloggers (at least good bloggers) are confident in their writing and confident in their ability to contribute something valuable to their various communities.

I need to build my confidence in order to fully embrace this blogging thing.

This entry is not an attempt to solicit compliments. I simply wanted to put it out there in case I wasn't alone.


  • At 11:52 AM, Blogger Angel, librarian and educator said…

    Guess what? You are not alone. I am sure a lot of the "good" ones struggle as well, they may just be better at not showing it. I know I struggle with finding ideas and then finding good ways to express them. It takes some time, and it takes some practice. If it is any consolation, I do think it gets a bit easier as you keep at it. It is a risk bloggers take: exposing themselves to the world. I think, however, that the biblioblogosphere is a pretty friendly place (at least when compared to other parts of the blogosphere). Best.


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